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Outing FIFA 14 Lag Cheats

Is it toomuch to ask whenpaying for a game you play online for the system to have an inbuilt mechanism to detect cheats? It’s very easy to do so – in this instance, we’re dealing with lag cheats. What is a lag cheat? Someone who deliberately reduces their bandwidth and/or ping in peer to peer games so as to cause the opponent loss ofcontrol. You can evenbut devices called lag switches that help you do this without all the messy PC windows. To stop this type of cheating all EA need do is log the latency – no game should be able to start unless latency meets the effecteive frame rate criteria and then if either machine drops below this level the game is automatically stopped and the machine that didn’t droplatency is awarded the result no matter the current score. This would end latency/lag cheating tomorrow. But as EA don’t seem to be willing and/or able to do this , in the meantime I’m going to out every player I encounter that Lag Cheats. I’ve recorded every match as proof. Most Lag Cheats don’t start the game lagging – they only start doing it when their opponent is either obviously superior or has scored first.


These players have all been recorded using Lag Cheat Techniques:




















mrkokdarsenal23  (this guy is shocking)

















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14 responses to “Outing FIFA 14 Lag Cheats

  1. Oscady ⋅

    Someone called Fisty19 just did it to me. He came up with a full bronze team and about 80 chem. Luckily I beat him 3-2 but I thought something went funny as he scored his 2nd to equalise. 2 players completely missed clearances for him to pull off an outrageous diving header.

    Absolute scum, what is the point? He was obviously decent at FIFA

  2. hatecheaters ⋅

    kopites on pc version of FIFA among many others…….that seem to plague this game

  3. ed ⋅

    what if you live in a country with a shitty internet ? you loose everytime ? How come i have no lag playing GTA 4 Online or Starcraft 2 ? I think the problem is EA should have some proper hosting servers , distributing the bandwith fairly . But I agree about the cheating , i even had an opponent with a giant (23m) goal keeper , or a glitch who makes you see 22 players in the same team .HAckers are getting smarts

  4. Fifa Player ⋅

    Please add:

  5. Sebastian ⋅

    marchenrip just did it to me. Its not even worth playing online anymore. Full of these cheaters who are ruining the game

  6. John Aston ⋅

    monkeyvinyl is another cheating tosser

  7. John Aston ⋅

    2 in a row…. Hafiz69 cheating prick

  8. nargun

    Anyone notice that a hell of a lot of these cheats have names with middle eastern connotations?

  9. Boulders ⋅

    Add xSaudiCool1020

  10. Andy ⋅

    I end playing cheats at FIFA all the time. I hate it. How much of a looser in life do you have to be to cheat at video games? It’s so sad and so frustrating.

  11. Andy ⋅

    ilmacellaio23 is a cheating prick. I was 2-0, winning with 10 men and he’s somehow disconnected and I’ve not got the points.


    I fucking hate you bitch ass cheaters play the game the rite way.

  13. Thistleboy1980 ⋅

    It’s really pissing me off. My win to loss ratio is shocking because of this…and I can’t get out of division three (unless relegated to division four lol) because of it. When the game is played fairly, and both of us have a good game, I either win comfortably or lose by the odd goal in nine….but when these cunts come into play, I always lose. What’s the point? I thought I was going off my head at first…but it’s confirmed here as cheating. Thanks!

  14. fra ⋅

    Every time I play ultimate team on FIFA I can guarantee at least one player will cheat a session. When you message them they can’t understand what they are doing wrong. Should be a stronger policy on them.

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