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A Good Reason to Hate Gordon Ramsay

I think his favourite adjective is ‘Fucking’

Evan Jacobs

Fuck you, Gordon Ramsay!

Half the words that come out of Gordon Ramsay’s wrinkled mouth are absolute bullshit.

It's completely pink! It’s completely pink!

As far as I’m concerned, Gordon Ramsay is the Jack Bauer/Carrie Mathison/Simon Cowell of cooking. The dude is always right. When he says you’re a shit cook, these scallops are fucking raw, you’ll kill somebody with them, piss off you stupid donkey, he’s absolutely correct.

You can’t cook scallops to save your life and you should quit before you take someone else’s.

I trust Gordo more than I trust myself. If Gordon Ramsay told me to jump off a bridge, I’d say “Yes, Chef!” And I am well aware of his past indiscretions.

Thus, it has recently pained me to notice that Gordo has a proclivity for using meaningless words. Here are some of my favorites:

Nice, as in, “I would make a nice Caesar salad.”

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