Flight MH370 Found? Not Quite – Now the Real Whitewash Begins

The Whitewash Begins

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By 21st Century Wire

Global Research, March 27, 2014

Malaysia_AirlinesAfter nearly one month of turning up absolutely nothing, suddenly the public are being told that the case of missing Malaysian airliner MH370 has been solved, well, sort of…

It was a search and rescue operation on an unprecedented scale, combing through over 30,000 nautical miles, involving 60 ships and 50 aircraft – all in an effort to find one missing Boeing 777 which is said to have set off from Kula Lumpur to Beijing on March 8, 2014, only to disappear into thin air, without a trace.

This week Malaysian authorities made the dramatic announcement that they had finally “found” the aircraft, without any “debris sighting” . On cue, global mainstream media outlets ran continuous coverage on Monday March 24th of this week, showing footage of men looking out the window of Royal Australian Air Force P-3…

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Flight MH370, Terrorism Derailed

MoOssad are behind basically everything as they are the only ones with he hubris , conceit and arrogance to think they can control affairs

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Some stories never seem to go away and some stories should never go away. When dealing with the mysterious disappearance nearly a month ago of Malaysian Airlines flight 370, the story has expanded due to continuing media lies and quality independent investigative journalism.

One lie, reported here for the first time, is that this plane is actually a 777/200ER. The “ER” stands for “Extended Range.” According to Lt. Col. Stephen Avery USAF (ret), an airline security specialist and former commercial pilot:

“This specific model has two wing tanks and a belly tank in the cargo hold. It carries 333,400 pounds of fuel, capable of reaching Frankfurt, not just the Indian Ocean. This is the confirmed fuel configuration for flight 370;

  • 69000 pounds in each wing (128,000 pounds total)
  • 182,300 pounds in the main tank
  • 12,600 aux tank (this model only)
  • 333,400 pounds of fuel total

It can fly from…

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Only Fags Celebrate Goals

If you celebrate goals in FIFA 14 you’re a faggot. I’m sorry there’s no other way to put it ,only faggots celebrate goals. Of course there a few exceptions to this rule and they are as follows:

1) The goal wins the game in the dying minutes after you’ve been behind all match

2) It is a cup final

That’s it, you must satisfy both those criteria before celebrating your goal otherwise any other time you are a pillow biting cumgurgling shit stabbing faggot. No two ways about it



An attorney asks: Are Climate Skeptics Legally Liable for Criminal Negligence?

Climate Science becomes Salem Witch Trials

Watts Up With That?

Attorney arguing his case

Guest essay by Roger E. Sowell, Esq. reposted with permission from Sowell’s Law Blog

In the past month, several articles appeared calling for the jailing of those who provide financial support for research into climate science with an objective of proving that man-made climate change does not exist.  An overview is provided at WattsUpWithThat (see link).  Responses to the call for jailing are numerous.

The background on this is that three sides exist in the climate change argument: one, the warmists, those who fervently believe that man’s activities by
burning fossil fuels will drive up the Earth’s temperature and cause all manner of horrible happenings; two, the skeptics, those who understand that the science simply does not support the warmists’ view, that any increase in global temperature is related to natural cycles but not to man’s fossil fuel consumption; and three, lukewarmers, those whose…

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Matt Ridley’s new article in the WSJ – a dose of pragmatism about revelations from the new IPCC report

IPCC have become Lukewarmers

Watts Up With That?

Art for WSJ by David Klein

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Climate Forecast: Muting the Alarm

Even while it exaggerates the amount of warming, the IPCC is becoming more cautious about its effects.

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will shortly publish the second part of its latest report, on the likely impact of climate change. Government representatives are meeting with scientists in Japan to sex up—sorry, rewrite—a summary of the scientists’ accounts of storms, droughts and diseases to come.

But the actual report, known as AR5-WGII, is less frightening than its predecessor seven years ago.

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The climate change movement as guilt trip

Hitting the nail on the head ….White Guilt

Watts Up With That?

An interesting essay written by “Zombie” of Zombietime fame has a climate change component worth noting. I don’t agree with all of it, but it does explain some behavior we have seen in the past decade.

“Zombie” writes:

I recently wrote an essay called “Progressive Racism: The Hidden Motive Driving Modern Politics”, and in the essay I had a section about “climate change” with a thesis you might find intriguing.

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Mutual Quit

It’s great that EA have added the Mutual Quit function but now we have another problem – the lowlife scumbag who refuses to mutual quit even when the lag is terrible.


Another type of cheat is the dark ball user – You can’t even see the ball when it is at the shadow end of the ground. When faced with this I change my tactics to full on hard tackle assault. I defeated a dark ball user 5-2 yesterday without even knowing where the ball was half the time by simple crushing it forward.

I have totally mastered playing against RealMadrid – I mean who wouldn’t when you face them every second game. Most losers think they can just whip the ball in from Ronaldo to Benzema and head a goal in every time. My custom 5-4-1 formation places 3 CB’s in the box whilst the RWB/LWB hassle the crosser. the 4 Midfielders play in a diamond CAM/LR/CDM/RM and I don’t even play a striker – I drop him back to CF. This formation basically puts one on one all over the ground for me except up front where my lone striker relies on break aways and being an aerial threat at corners.


I love playing against Juventus when they are in default formation – they have such massive gaps on the attacking wings it’s perfect for pass into space style gameplay.

Most FIFA 14 World Cup veterans will know that each team has a set of standard players rather than the actual values of those players (as they would appear in say Ultimate Team), so when choosing a team you should look for the following –

Work Rates

Weak Foot


The rarest specialities are Aerial Threat and Engine, if you can find a team with two engines and two aerial threats you’re laughing (let me know if you do).






Outing FIFA 14 Lag Cheats

Is it toomuch to ask whenpaying for a game you play online for the system to have an inbuilt mechanism to detect cheats? It’s very easy to do so – in this instance, we’re dealing with lag cheats. What is a lag cheat? Someone who deliberately reduces their bandwidth and/or ping in peer to peer games so as to cause the opponent loss ofcontrol. You can evenbut devices called lag switches that help you do this without all the messy PC windows. To stop this type of cheating all EA need do is log the latency – no game should be able to start unless latency meets the effecteive frame rate criteria and then if either machine drops below this level the game is automatically stopped and the machine that didn’t droplatency is awarded the result no matter the current score. This would end latency/lag cheating tomorrow. But as EA don’t seem to be willing and/or able to do this , in the meantime I’m going to out every player I encounter that Lag Cheats. I’ve recorded every match as proof. Most Lag Cheats don’t start the game lagging – they only start doing it when their opponent is either obviously superior or has scored first.


These players have all been recorded using Lag Cheat Techniques:




















mrkokdarsenal23  (this guy is shocking)